Trick Riding Lessons

Trick riding is the art of gymnastics on horseback. The Company of Horsemen have performed in live shows worldwide and at our training centre we are able to train individuals to perform the same tricks and stunts demonstrated in our live shows and film / TV work.

Start with our half-day trick riding course and/or progress to our full series of trick riding lessons.


Included in all our lessons are:

  • A comprehensive safety briefing – your safety is our top priority.
  • An introduction to the Cossack trick saddle leading to a greater understanding of the importance of correct fitting and use of attachments.
  • A warm-up complete with conditioning and stretching exercises.
  • Training then commences on our training barrel. In our experience this is an invaluable training tool that enables the rider to gain confidence and learn the fundamental basics of vaulting, stands, drags and numerous other tricks.  This is important as you can safely make mistakes without endangering either yourself or our horses.  Our coaches are also able to stand right alongside you to make instant corrections and aid you into your tricks.
  • When you progress and are able to smoothly move in and out of tricks unaided, you may progress to our state-of-the-art stunt-riding simulator (the only one of its kind in the world) or, if you are ready, you will then proceed to performing your best tricks on one of our highly experienced stunt horses on the lunge!


  • The good news is you don’t necessarily have to be able to ride to take up trick riding (although, for those who can already ride, progression is usually quicker)
  • You must have a basic level of fitness as trick riding requires explosive bursts of energy and is physical demanding
  • For your own safety and for the welfare of our horses we have a weight limit specific to your height and build which will be assessed by our instructors at time of booking.
  • Normal riding attire is required – correctly fitted riding hat, riding boots, trainers, jodhpurs or leggings and a long-sleeve top.

Trick riding is a fun and exciting skill to learn.  Its great way to develop physical fitness and confidence and you may surprise yourself (and family, friends and colleagues) just how much you can do!

Want to know more?  talk to Kimberley or Spencer about our next group taster session or private lesson.

Trick Riding Pricing:

Half-Day Trick Riding Course £125.00
1 Hour Trick Riding Lesson £45.00