The Riding Simulator

A mechanical horse designed to simulate the horses traditional gaits of walk, trot and canter. With rein and leg aid sensors the simulator has proved an invaluable learning tool for a range of people from beginners looking to learn the rising trot to advanced riders wanting to make slight positional corrections.

Novice and nervous riders have found the simulator can give them an increased sense of confidence through working on balance, position and rider fitness, while more confident riders benefit from our room with the use of mirrors as a visual aid and the chance to spend time working on core muscles, straightness and body awareness without worrying about the horse.

The Riding Simulator Room

Returning to Riding

For those returning to riding after an injury or childbirth the simulator is a great way to get back in the saddle with no pressure, Many people living with disabilities have also found this an easy and comfortable way into the saddle.

Sessions on the simulator are generally for 30 minutes and cost £20
We are now offering these sessions followed by a 30 minute session on the real horse to put into practice what you have learnt under the watchful eye of our friendly coach.

Also available to hire at a venue of your choice, we deliver and collect, complete with qualified instructor for your riding club, demos, adult horse camps, pony clubs and private functions.

The Riding Simulator Room