Brand New on Site Shop

The Company of Horsemen now have a brand new shop on site with a wide range of horse riding clothes, tack and equipment. Our aim is to provide every customer with long-lasting, reliable products that are practical, affordably-priced and leave them looking and feeling good.

The Company of Horsemen Shop
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The Company of Horsemen Shop
The Company of Horsemen Boot Range
The Company of Horsemen Hats & Protectors
Equine Bedding Available

100% pure chipped Miscanthus. Consistent product. A natural, sustainable and carbon neutral product. Dust extracted. High Thermal rating. Highly absorbent – absorbs 3x more than its own weight. Easy to use, Low maintenance, Labour saving – Needs less frequent changes of bedding. Compatible with all stable management routines. A Superior product that can be used like all traditional beddings. Once set – produces a compact and secure bed, reducing damage to limbs as the horses gets up and down.

Available in a pallet 36 bales for £236.00 (Free Delivery Staffordshire Area)
Or collection delivery available from 1 bales upwards at extra cost.

Equine Bedding Available

Newfields Haylage Available

Newfields Haylage is available in 3 different tyres:
– Newfields Premium Ryegrass £6.50 each
– Newfields Premium Meadow Mix £6.50 each
– Newfields Essentials Range £6.20 each

Cut in Staffordshire, this haylage range offers you the choice of an affordable economy cut, a premium low sugar, high fibre crop or an energy dense ryegass. Our haylage range caters for the needs of all types of horses and ponies from those in rest to serious competition.

Collection from Staffordshire Area. Delivery available from 1 bale upwards at extra cost.

Newfields Haylage

Horse Rug Cleaning Services

Horse Rug Washing








– Turnout Rug Wash – £9.50 per rug or X2 for £18.00
– Turnout Rug Wash & Proof – £15.00 per rug or X2 for £25.00 (combo or standard neck) + £2.00 (separate neck wash and proof) + £3.00
– Stable Rug Wash – £7.50 per rug or X2 for £12.50 (heavyweight) + £1.00 (comboneck) + £1.50
– Coolers, Fleeces, Flysheets & Sweat Rugs – £5.00 per rug or X2 for £8.5
– Numnah’s – £2.50 each