Riding lessons with the horse activity centre

The Horse activity centre takes care of all the riding lessons and school programs that we are able to offer our customers.We pride ourselves on teaching and coaching with a friendly personal approach to riding, operating using private one to one lessons and small matched ability groups, we find clients are able to progress and achieve their riding goals at a great pace. We try to keep our prices extremely competitive compared with other licensed and fully insured riding establishments and we genuinely care about your needs.  

Riding school options

We warmly welcome all new riders to the centre and make it our aim to give you a fantastic riding experience. On arriving at the centre for your first lesson we will require you to fill out a rider registration form, you will be introduced to your instructor and matched to a suitably sized and experienced horse. All our instructors have a passion for helping new riders master the basics, helping you become a balanced and effective rider. Lessons are tailored to suit your individual needs so weather its super fun informative children’s lessons, confidence building or you want to become a competitive rider we can help you achieve your goals!!

We have plenty going on here at the centre to keep regular riders learning new skills and making the most of enjoying this super sport.  We hold regular clinics and dressage shows where riders are able to hire the school horses to participate. We have horses suitable for hacking, show jumping and flat work, in the summer months we have regular BBQ countryside hacks and fun shows.

Looking to get back in the saddle? then look no further we have a great team of horses and ponies to help make your transition back to riding as fun and easy as possible. Our instructors will tailor your lessons to work on your fitness, core strength and balance and iron out any old bad habits, whilst helping you develop new skills. perfect for those who perhaps rode as a child or ladies looking to get back to riding after having children themselves.

Our small group lessons are perfect for those who want to meet other riders of a similar level. We keep the groups small (maximum of 4 riders per group) Further advantages to group lessons are that you see a reduction in price, meet new people, learn from others and most importantly develop new skills in a fun, safe environment.

Children’s group lessons are a fun way to learn or progress riding skills in the company of other children at a similar level.  These groups are paid for in advance and charged in blocks of 4 weeks in order to guarantee your child’s place each week.

All groups start from the first week in October.

Please call or ask a member of staff to check availability if you would like your child to take part in one of these classes

Day Time Type Level Cost (pp)
Friday – Morning 4:30-5:30 20 mins stable management + 40 minute riding lesson Beginner / Novice £20
Saturday – Morning 11:00-12:00 30 mins stable management + 30 minute riding lesson Novice £20
Saturday – Afternoon 1:00-1:45 45 minute riding lesson Beginner / Novice £15
Saturday – Afternoon 2:00-2:45 45 minute riding lesson Novice / intermediate £15
Sunday – Morning 11:00-11:45 45 minute riding lesson Novice £15
Sunday – Afternoon 4:00-5:00 20 mins stable management + 40 minute riding lesson Intermediate / advanced £20
Wednesday – Morning 11:00-11:30 Tots groom and lead about session 2 – 3 years Beginner / Novice £7

The horse activity centre has found that lots of our customers really enjoy learning the practical side of horse care alongside their riding lessons.So we have put together these six week courses with a great mix of both.

These sessions are 30 minutes of riding tuition and a 30 minute practical stable management.

Over the weeks you will learn to:

  • Groom your horse/ pony
  • Tack up and un- tack
  • Care of your horse/ pony after exercise
  • Basic feeding
  • Choosing and fitting the correct rugs
  • preparing a stable for use

The riding units covered are as followed ( these will be tailored to your level and ability)

  • Positional workshop ( a lesson tailored on improving your position in the saddle)
  • Riding to improve rhythm and balance
  • Developing and improving transitions
  • Feeling correct trot diagonals and or correct canter leads.
  • Riding accurate school figures
  • Developing a balanced position over poles

The company of horsemen are one of the only centres in the UK to teach Stunt riding ( the art of gymnastics on horseback) and the only centre in the UK to have a Junior stunt riding club who meet weekly and are always happy to welcome new members.

Jousting and western lessons are available on your own horse or on one of ours, we offer private lessons but also run regular ‘Have a go at jousting’ sessions or western riding clinics.

Make Saturdays the highlight of your child’s week with our new pony sessions, a fun-packed hour of  learning how to care for and ride a pony, the sessions include learning to groom, muck out, parts of the pony, fitting of the saddle and bridle and much more followed by a riding lesson on the ponies.
These are perfect for those new to riding as it gives them a little taster of everything before perhaps choosing to move on to private or more advanced group riding lessons.
 These sessions are every Saturday 11 am -12 pm and are a bargain price at just £20 per child

Riding school pricing

For semi-private and shared lessons please see schedule below

Lesson type and duration
Head Coach/ proprietor:
Senior coaches -Qualified-Minimum of BHSAI or equivalent
Junior coaches –Qualified NVQ level 2 / 3 or equivalent
Private 30-minute lesson £25 £23 £20
Private 45minute lesson £33 £31 £28
Private hour


£40 £37 £35
Semi – private 30 minutes £22 £20 £18
Semi- private 45 minute £30 £28 £26
Group lesson 45 mins – max 5 £15 £15
Group lessons 1 hour – max 5 £20 £20
45 minute group lesson £15.00
30 minute trick-riding lesson £30.00
1 hour trick-riding lesson £45.00
1 hour jousting lesson £45.00
1/2 hour stable management lesson £20.00

Riding school opening hours

Monday 9 am – 8 pm
 Tuesday 9 am – 8 pm
Wednesday Closed all day
Thursday 9 am – 8 pm
Friday 9 am – 8 pm
Saturday 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday 9 am – 6 pm

* Semi-private & shared lesson schedule

Please call and check availability if you would like to join one of the following classes (private lessons can be booked anytime)

Days Times Type
Friday – morning 10:00-10:30 Parent and toddler pony play sessions
Friday – evening 6:30 – 7:30 Junior stunt club
Saturday – morning 11:00 – 12:00 Child’s activity session
Saturday – afternoon 1:00 – 1:45 Child beginner level 1  lesson
Saturday – afternoon 2:00 – 2:45 Child novice level 2 lesson
Sunday – morning 11:00 – 11:45 Child beginner level 1  lesson
Sunday – afternoon 3:00 – 3:45 Adult group riding level 1 lesson