New junior riding and stable management course

Starting 4th February for 6 weeks

The horse activity centre has found that lots of our customers really enjoy learning the practical side of horse care alongside their riding lessons. So, we have put together these six-week courses with a great mix of both.

These sessions are 30 minutes of riding tuition and a 30-minute practical stable management.

Over the weeks you will learn to:

  • Groom your horse/ pony Tack up and un- tack
  • Care of your horse/ pony after exercise
  • Basic feeding
  • Choosing and fitting the correct rugs
  • preparing a stable for use

The riding units covered are as followed (these will be tailored to your level and ability)

  • Positional workshop (a lesson tailored on improving your position in the saddle)
  • Riding to improve rhythm and balance
  • Developing and improving transitions
  • Feeling correct trot diagonals and or correct canter leads.
  • Riding accurate school figures
  • Developing a balanced position over poles

These courses will run from the first week in February for six consecutive weeks on the following days and times.

Sundays 3pm – 4pm (juniors)

Cost is £25 pp per week with the full course payable at the time of booking, each participant will receive a certificate on completion



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