Cossack Trick & Stunt Riding Live Shows

Cossack Riding

Performed in 2 x 25 Minute Slots 

Have your audience gripped at the edge of their seats, with this action-packed, fully choreographed entertainment filled with colour and movement. A spectacular for adults and children alike.

Each season the team train incredibility hard to bring you brand new more daring tricks and displays. The team’s highly trained horses are magnificent and regal, sure to get your guests snapping pictures and talking about your event for years to come.

To discuss your event, please contact us directly for a quote and tailor-made show to suit.

Prices start from £995 + travel

The Medieval Jousting Tournament

The Joust

Performed in  1 x 50 Minute Slot   

Get ready for thrills, spills, and excitement as the Knights prepare to battle the famous black knight in hopes of winning the fair maidens hand.  A spectacular of colour, tournament games, and audience participation!!

As will all our shows we supply our own professional commentator and upbeat music. The Joust can be performed with between four and six horses.

For more details or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

Prices from £2,850 + travel

The Wild Time Wild West

Wild Times

Performed in 2 x 25 Minute Displays

A real crazy performance from these cowboys will ensure audiences across the country are amazed by the horsemanship and skill of our riders.

Saddle up for some comedy and have your best yee-haaa at the ready!!

This is a show that’s sure to provide fantastic entertainment for all ages!

Price from £1100 + travel